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Mr. B’s Pancake House started in 1974 on Ottawa Street in downtown Muskegon, Michigan by Bill and Betty Barham (the original Mr. And Mrs. B).

The heritage of the pancake business goes back to 1933 when Mrs. B’s father, Henry Hooverman, introduced Anna Robinson to the Quaker Oats company, when she then became the face of the famous Aunt Jemima pancake mix.

Mr. B's restaurant 3.png

In 1976, Mr. B’s relocated to Apple Avenue in Muskegon, where it stayed for almost 20 years.  In 1989, the second Mr. B’s opened and was named “Mr. B’s Too” which was located on the corner of Hackley and Barclay Avenue, also in Muskegon. In 1994, the Barham’s turned a new page and both locations were sold.  Mr. and Mrs. B retired from the restaurant business.

12 years later, in 2006, Mr. B’s was reopened by Mr. and Mrs. B’s son, Dave and his wife Lisa Barham, on Whitehall Road, in North Muskegon.  In 2011, Mr. B’s relocated to its current location on Apple Avenue in Muskegon.

Mr. B's restaurant 1.png

In 2019, Mr. B’s grandson opened Brunch House on Henry St in Muskegon. Mr. B’s is a family owned and operated business serving the Muskegon community for nearly 50 years.  Mr. B’s is also the 2013 Recipient of the Celebrated Cinema Service Award.We can’t wait to serve you soon!

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